Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Does Ichiro! Want To Stay?

Seems to me that this is the question that must be asked by the Mariners. Larry Stone writes today in The Times that even if they have the money, Ichiro! may not be inclined to take it, given the poor performance of the team over the last three seasons. And after seeing the contracts that Vernon Wells and Gary Matthews signed this Winter, it will cost a boatload of money to get Ichiro! signed. I'm in agreement with Larry Stone here - the Mariners need to find out the answer to this question and then take the appropriate action.


Larry said...

You know, in my opinion, Which means absolutely nothing, Ichiro is worth far more as a trade pawn, then letting him play out the cycle and sign with the Red Sox or Yankees for big money. He's just too valuable of a commodity to not take advantage of it. I know it's heresy and that you will never let me write on your site again, but there are only so many players in the M's organization that could get you some quality talent to build your already somewhat young team around. I say if a deal cannot be struck by the end of spring training, look for a good deal somewhere else. The only bad part of all that is the person who is doing the trading. I'm not sure he can find his butt with his own two hands. Bavasi has been very inept thus far in trading for quality talent.


Iron Tech said...

I don't think ownership would even consider trading him - unless he convinces them that he won't sign under any circumstances. Personally, I just don't see it happening. Ichiro! will retire as a Mariner.