Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hickey's Offseason Analysis

Good article in the P.I. today by John Hickey. He includes some very candid quotes from the G.M. that indicate just how badly fooled the organization was by the hyper-market that ensued following the infusion of the "Nationals" money to the other 29 clubs.

There are other interesting revelations in this piece, including the one-time dispensation granted by the F.O. to exceed budget limits to make a bid for Zito. Boras is quoted as saying that Bavasi "hit a home run" with his offer to Zito, and that he (Boras) expected Zito to sign with Seattle (at least until that other offer came along).

Spring Training can't start soon enough. Although I'm not so sure that I'll be quite as enthused once April rolls around.

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Larry said...

Hope blooms eternal come spring training. Holding out hope through June is an essential part of being a Mariners fan. I think that the only thing that would depress me more than a non playoff year again, would be to see the Cubs go with Lou Pinella at the helm. I shall hold out hope until the first 6 game losing streak, then all bets are off.