Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Down To The Wire

It's official(maybe), Jamie Burke gets the nod as the backup catcher. Geoff Baker also reports that Jeremy Reed, Eric O'Flaherty and Sean Green were optioned to Tacoma. I'm happy that Burke made the team. A few more decisions to be made - will Morrow make the big club?

Update: Here's Jeff Sullivan's take on the 2007 season: "Your three-year sabbatical may be over, but your half-decade of irrelevance isn't."

Additional Update: Larry Stone opines concerning Ichiro! and his walk year.

Further update: John McGrath in the TNT concerning what happened to Jeremy Reed.


Larry said...

Now I'm starting to get confused. If Ordonez and Morrow Burke and Rhodes make the 40 man, who goes off? Maybe 2 on the 60 day disabled list, but the rest??? Not that there are 25 top quality players in the minors for the M's.
Its getting interesting.


Iron Tech said...

Yeah - and I'm not so sure that we really have the full picture yet. One thing I do know - it will all be sorted out by Monday! :D

Larry said...

Not to be pessimistic, but I just looked at the schedule for the first month, and It's looking mighty tuff.
If they get through with Aprils schedule, at .500, I will be impressed, anything less and there's gonna be no joy in muddville. Oakland (2 sets), Boston, Cleveland, Texas, Kansas City, Minnesota, and Los Angeles Angels (of Anaheim)(stoopid).