Sunday, March 04, 2007

Too Early To Panic?

Hopefully you've been reading Geoff Baker's fine blog over at The Times as he chronicles Spring Training down in Peoria this year. It's only been three games, but the Mariners seem to be doing two things regularly on offense - grounding into double plays and not hitting with runners in scoring position. It probably is a little too early to really be concerned, but given the recent history of this club, I hope that the trend doesn't continue.

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Larry said...

Didn't they do alot of that sort of thing last year, and the year before? I mean GIDP and not hitting w/RISP.I think I am beyond panic at this time as I figure there's no where to go but up. Sexson has yet to find his stroke, and the 2 new additions have shown zip thus far, but it's still early. It is however, I believe, that the team gets off to a fast start this year. Hanging with the pack won't bode well for these guys because they've got no practical winning experience, except for Ichiro who most likely will be gone if the playoffs aren't part of this years scenario. A slow start by both Sexson and Beltre will most likely spell doom for this team, they need confidence builders not "We're real close to getting this thing going".
I'm waiting on the season, and hoping for good things to happen.