Sunday, April 29, 2007

4/29 Game Report

Okay, I haven't posted for a while - mainly because I was afraid of jinxing the streak - and maybe because I didn't want the post to degenerate into another "Jeff Weaver sucks" rant - although he really does. In any event, I made a trip to Safeco Field today and thought it would be appropriate to share a few thoughts concerning the game.

Cha Baek had an excellent outing until suddenly losing his command. Brandon Morrow came in and was lights-out! The crowd really got into it.

Raul and Ichiro! shoot the breeze while Morrow warms up

The Ignitor salvaged a pretty dismal at bat to produce the go-ahead runs. It was obvious to everyone in the ballpark that once he got the second chance, he wasn't going to let it pass him by. Pretty cool.

The Ignitor

It was a beautiful Seattle afternoon - and doubly enjoyable because of a Mariner win.

Your intrepid reporter


Larry said...

Yet another win, and .500 for April even with Weaver stinking it up. Felix is due back soon, and Baek should stay with the team at least to mop up Weaver's messes. Vidro with a decent hit streak, what else POSITIVE can happen? I had to specify POSITIVE cause the last time I said anything about a streak, it was a negative one. Heres to rally caps!!!


Iron Tech said...

Yeah - I actually liked most of what I saw yesterday at the ballpark. Sexson and Beltre are still pretty clueless at the plate - but generally things aren't too bad - especially considering that Felix is almost ready. Now if only they would give Weaver his walking papers...

Larry said...

re.. Weaver, typical Grover line, "he's working on some problems, but we have faith". Hopefully he gets a clue, and sends him walking. Looks like Baek is a good 5th starter, and to think we could have kept Rafael.... Too much thinking. Hopefully vidro can keep the hot streak up, and start a new hit streak. wrt Beltre and Sexson, what a waste, I think I would sit both of them and go with Bloomquist and Broussard.