Friday, April 20, 2007

Could Have Been Worse

As Jeff over at Lookout Landing reports, King Felix is not as badly hurt as was feared immediately after he left the game the other evening. As the Twins went on to sweep, at least there's hope that the King will return soon. Then Dave from USS Mariner reported that Brandon Morrow will take Felix's place in the rotation. Somebody please make it stop.


Larry said...

Well, not much to say about the recent events in Mariners camp. I have nothing but good thoughts going the King's way. If it is true about Morrow, I guess we'll see how he holds up this time around. Hopefully his mental makeup is more toward the adult side. Time will tell, and maybe it will be a positive move on behalf of the Mariners (the Morrow thing).

Larry said...

Honestly when I mentioned about a 6-8 game roll, I meant it in a positive vein, not a negative one. This is just crazy, and the pathetic thing is, there's no one to put the fire out. Come on Felix!!!