Sunday, April 22, 2007

Getting Worse

I've been willing to cut Bill Bavasi some slack for the last couple of years. I'm done. Rather than getting better, this team is getting worse. With the exception of King Felix, the team has nobody in the starting rotation that is getting the job done. The bullpen has actually been better than I expected, but the lack of quality starts is really hurting the club. I used to kid my friend Barclay about the Texas Rangers (he's a big Ranger fan) and their chances for winning a game. Basically, I would tell him that as long as the Ranger offense scored one more run than the starters gave up that the club would be okay. Fast forward a couple of years and you could use that same line about the Mariners. *sigh*

Update: I'm not the only one - check out John McGrath over at the TNT.

And Geoff Baker over at The Times.

Tuesday update - even Larry Stone's getting in on the act.


Larry said...

It's pretty bad when you can chalk up every fifth playing day as a loss. 9 million for weaver for a year??? I'm sure that there was absolutely no one else available for that money. I'm so used to rooting for losing teams and teams that just can't make it over the hump, that I am numb anymore. I think the team would have been better off going with Baek, Campillo, Fiererbend(sp) than throwing away 9 mil on Weaver. I just went on a rant but erased it all and will try to remain optimistic at least until Memorial Day.

Iron Tech said...

Not me. They stink.

Larry said...

Yea, they stink, but it's tough for me to just drop them and say "Wait till next year". Is Grover just playing out the string, or will he finally bench those non-producers, and try a different approach. I know that goes against everything Grover stands for, but tough times require drastic measures. He's already pissed off Weaver, lets make it 2 for 2, and bench my whipping boy, Sexson. What's the worst that could happen? By the way, it was a Cold Day in Hell Paso yesterday, could that signify anything.


Iron Tech said...

Hehe - yeah - perhaps it is significant! :D

I really don't see Hargrove making any changes as drastic as benching Sexson - although Weaver may find himself looking for work if he he has any more piss-poor outings.