Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday Roundup

So what happened to my optimism? The Mariners happened - trailing the Angels by 5 games and not being able to win a series from the Padres. It's not only me - check out Geoff Baker over at The Times, or Dave over at USS Mariner. The bottom line - start winning some ballgames or it's going to be another last place finish.

On an unrelated note, saw a cool article in the Kitsap Sun by Terry Mosher concerning my favorite ex-Mariner.


Larry said...

I waited until now to comment as I was stunned by what appears to be another Mariner Team that cannot manufacture runs on a consistent basis. Obviously with this pitching staff, runs will be needed to offset other shortcomings. To have men at 3rd base with no outs, and failing to score that run, in my opinion, is beyond pathetic. To have the bases loaded with no one out, and not score a run, borders on idiocy. To keep people in the lineup when they are hitting below .200 is lunacy. Is there no fire in this team? Isn't there a single person in the clubhouse capable of screaming and yelling and possibly getting someones attention? Losing breeds losers, and when they begin to believe they can win, they simply start to doubt themselves, and turn a .500 record into a.400 record or worse. I still think that no one on this team is a leader, and therefore all the followers are wandering aimlessly. Please prove me wrong!!!


Iron Tech said...

Can't find fault with anything you have written man. I'm getting that same old sinking feeling again...