Thursday, May 17, 2007

Reasons To Be Optimistic

I'm finding more reasons to be optimistic about this team every day. Larry Stone lists a good number of these reasons over at The Times this morning. I'll say the following:

  • The offense has been pretty good - and looks like it's getting better (Ichiro! comes alive).
  • The bullpen has been nothing short of amazing - Morrow and O'Flaherty have been big (and pleasant) surprises.
  • Washburn has been awesome so far.
  • King Felix is back.
  • Series win vs. Yankees. Yes!
  • Rest of AL West not very good.

1 comment:

Larry said...

Another reason to be optimistic, Richie Sexson out of the lineup. More work for Felix today, hopefully his road back is paved with gold, and we see glimpses of early season dominance. Of Course that would mean run support which has been scant lately.
Can't say much for Bavasi's off season acquisitions, and having Meche instead of Weaver would have been a great upgrade. I know, "Meche" is a poison word, but considering the pathetic state of starters 3-5 it was a momentary lapse on my part.
I... refuse... to... digress!!!!
F E L I X!!!