Thursday, June 21, 2007

Going With The Flow

Sometimes you just have to sit back and smile when your team does something good. If anybody would have suggested, prior to last night's game, that Jeff Weaver would throw a CG shutout, I would have suggested that they put down the crack pipe and start behaving like a responsible citizen. Sheesh. And as Dave points out over at USS Mariner this morning, that's why we love baseball!!


Larry said...

Ya know, I want to hate this team, especially when they lose badly, but then they turn around and do good things. I'm hooked through the season, but still wish they would find takers for Sexson. His approval rating with me is as low as Cirillo's was when he was playing the hot corner for the M's. Speaking of crack pipe, I was in San Diego over the past week, what a change. NTC is completely developed into a little city of it's own. Unbelievable to see what people with creative minds can come up with. Anyway, I guess the thread will start to go with whom the M's should pick up prior to the trade deadline. Only 3 in back of Cleveland right now for the wild card. Please don't make me regret hoping for a positive outcome from this season.


Iron Tech said...

Except now that Richie is on a tear, I find myself in a much more forgiving mood. :)