Monday, June 04, 2007

Monday Update

I feel sorry for this blog - it's really been neglected lately (although not as badly as my photo blog - but that's another story entirely). I don't have enough for a themed post - so here are some bullets:

  • The offense keeps scoring runs like there's no tomorrow! I am liking this immensely!
  • Geoff Baker had an interesting item in his blog concerning the rumored potential sale of the club (as reported by The Boston Globe). Hadn't heard a word about this before reading Geoff's comments - although nothing would surprise me anymore.
  • Felix goes tonight!

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Larry said...

Another rough outing for Felix, but more runs scored than the other team, so a win nonetheless. Baek goes tonight, another win, and Baek going late into the game,what does it all mean when Ramirez gets back? 6 starters, Baek in Relief? (though with weaver he would certainly earn his money). BTW, why are the Yankees so pathetic? Aren't we glad we didn't sign Pavano, or maybe the Bronx curse won't let go of him. Would have been nice to see Beckett in an M's Uniform. Adam Jones doing well at Tacoma, if Ichiro goes, Jones I'm sure will get the nod in CF. (showing some power too with 10 dingers). Mark Lowe tossing the ball again, what a break that would be if he was back up by August, could make things interesting if he's back to the old Mark Lowe.