Thursday, July 19, 2007

1.5 Games Back

I've actually stayed away from the blog lately - afraid that I might get a little too wound up posting about the M's - but screw that! Can you believe that they are actually only 1.5 games off the division lead? I just can't say enough about how much fun it is to watch this team again. And as Jeff over at Lookout Landing would say - "Putz - wooooooo!!".

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Larry said...

This goes way beyond anything I could have thought possible at the beginning of the year. 15 games over .500 in itself is a huge accomplishment, doing it in July and August is.....
Still not big on Richie, but hopefully a big second half will change my opinion. Beltre and Guillen continue to hit well with Beltre showing power lately.

Here's hoping for 1st place in the west this coming week, and a total colapse of the Angels. (Yeah Right).

Sad to see the Yanks making a run at it.

GO M's,