Friday, July 27, 2007

What A Difference A Week Makes

One week ago, I was entertaining serious thoughts of this team making a playoff run. This week, not so much. Another road trip to Texas ends badly (been *there* before) and a 7 game skid has brought me firmly back to earth. These are the Mariners that I have grown accustomed to watching over the past 3 seasons. The ones that can't score a run. The ones that can't hold a lead in the late innings. The ones that don't win. Let's hope the GM can make a trade soon - otherwise I'm afraid that the summer just got a little longer.

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Larry said...

I got one foot on the bandwagon, and the other dangling on the street, not sure if I should jump or hold on for the ride. Now they win 4 straight including the first over the Angels, and things look up a little. What a ride so far, though I doubt the FO makes a move except to bring up Jones from Tacoma. Could be worse I guess. Lou's got the cubbies running straight and true. Hang on, only 50+ games left.