Monday, August 06, 2007

Adam Jones And Management

After reading Jose Guillen's comments concerning the promotion of Adam Jones, I thought that I needed to put this in writing. While Guillen is certainly entitled to his opinion, it's the Manager (and GM to a lesser extent) who needs to remind him that he's a member of a team - a team that is trying to execute a strategy that will allow them to appear in the post season for the first time in forever (or at least it seems that long!!). Get over it and keep playing good ball Jose - everything else will take care of itself.

The Red Sox showed why they are so formidable over the weekend. The M's aren't really in bad shape in the division - better forget about the wildcard with the way the Yankees are playing right now. Concentrate on winning the division. But don't play any more shitty games like the one on Sunday please!!

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Larry said...

It never ceases to amaze me what a little call up or some time on the bench does to the mentality of ballplayers. Threaten their job security, and it's amazing what they can pull out of a hat. Raul's picked it up a bunch since Adams inaugural this year. I think he's added 10 points to his average, and he is powering the ball out. Even Richie, sitting on the bench, gave him some incentive, not quite enough to get his average much over .200, but enough to see him break his drought. Seems we haven't seen much of WFB lately. What's his status? Anyway, Ramirez is proving his pathetic road psyche hasn't improved any. What a great trade that was, I'm sure the braves will laugh all the way to the playoffs, especially with the addition of Texeria (sp). The M's are putting some runs on the board tonight against the O's though. This teams all about streaks, good or bad, they win em' and lose em' in bunches.

Go M's.