Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Turning Point

Yesterday's game was a turning point of sorts for me. I'm not going to attempt to analyze anything the Mariners do for the rest of the season. The fact is that they are winning. As a fan, this is an excellent turn of events. As a blogger, I still have plenty of doubts about them. But it's clear that something is happening - and perhaps the best thing to do is cheer them on and enjoy the ride while it lasts. Go M's!!


Larry said...

Remember back at the beginning of the season when most people (including myself) said that this was a third place team in the west at best. Now the M's are closing in on 20 games over .500, and this team has exceeded all expectations I am sure by anyone who is truthful about it. This team is jellin at the right time, and the M's are cruising. The playoffs will be a great reward for this squad, and as it looks right now, this team can be very competitive in a long series. The best baseball is being played on the left coast, and I believe these guys can keep it up. Too bad the eastern press is completely focused on the Red Sox/Yankees battle. They are missing a doozy of a season by two very good teams on the west coast.
I'm with ya, regardless of what happens, GO M's!!

Larry said...

If your not sweatin a little more, if your not in the least nervous, you need to go to the doctor because you are dead if you were or are a Mariners fan. This is one exciting team to watch or in my case, follow. I won't even nag on the first baseman anymore this season, because others have managed to pick up the slack, namely one Jose Guillen, and obviously Ichiro signing the new contract hasn't distracted him either. It's amazing to see them fight for a win, and show the confidence to comeback from a loss and start another win streak. 20 games over .500, 3 games ahead of the Yanks in the wild card, and 1 game behind the Angels. Just incredible!! I read an online article at CBSSPORTSLINE that said the bubble will burst soon, and the Yanks will take their rightful place in the playoffs. I personally would love nothing more than to see the M's beat out the Yankees for the wild card, and leave Alex at home to ponder yet another lost opportunity. (some bitterness remains). Just to hear the crowd at Safeco would be enough to get my blood pumping. Here's a toast to a great group of players who are on their way to something very special.