Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Playoff Relevance

Larry Stone over at The Times delivered the following quote in his article this morning:

"With starter Horacio Ramirez getting blasted out of the game in the second inning, and Oakland smashing two grand slams -- one early and one late -- the Mariners' slide out of playoff relevance continued Monday with a 9-3 loss to the Athletics."

As the Mariners continue to recede from playoff relevance, so too will Evening Perambulations recede from the blogosphere for the remainder of the 2007 season. I can't write about these guys anymore. See you in the Spring.

Update: Almost forgot - see Geoff Baker's blog entry concerning the drubbing that the M's suffered at the hands of their dreaded divisional foes last night. Geoff tells it like it is.

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Although not yet mathematically eliminated, all hopes of a playoff appearance by the Mariners in the 2007 season evaporated last night in the Bronx. Although it's fair to say that the Yankees had some help from the umpires, the Mariners let the game slip away in the late innings because of poor defense and less than stellar bullpen performance. Interestingly enough, those two things, defense and bullpen, are what was holding the club in contention (IMHO).

On a personal level, it really sucks that it had to be the Yankees. And A-Rod -- well don't get me started.

Way back in the Spring, I was convinced that this club wasn't going anywhere. And although it's true that that is exactly what happened, they did manage to make things pretty interesting (and dare I say exciting?) for the last month or so. But man -- the friggin' Yankees. *sigh*