Thursday, September 06, 2007


Although not yet mathematically eliminated, all hopes of a playoff appearance by the Mariners in the 2007 season evaporated last night in the Bronx. Although it's fair to say that the Yankees had some help from the umpires, the Mariners let the game slip away in the late innings because of poor defense and less than stellar bullpen performance. Interestingly enough, those two things, defense and bullpen, are what was holding the club in contention (IMHO).

On a personal level, it really sucks that it had to be the Yankees. And A-Rod -- well don't get me started.

Way back in the Spring, I was convinced that this club wasn't going anywhere. And although it's true that that is exactly what happened, they did manage to make things pretty interesting (and dare I say exciting?) for the last month or so. But man -- the friggin' Yankees. *sigh*

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Larry said...

I feel your pain brother. Quite a discouraging month of futility. Not much more to say, except "There's always next year". I will find the off season interesting as to what happens to Mariners management, what acquisitions/lack of acquisitions will occur and what will be the disposition of my beleaguered boy, Richie Sexson! It's hard to believe that the steady starting pitching and bullpen just collapsed though that had been the prediction for some time. Team BA stayed about where it was expected to, and it's just amazing, looking back, at what this team accomplished this year. Time to look elsewhere for management and FO help though I think, a young up and coming GM who would pull the string on a good trade, and wouldn't sell the farm for a middle of the road prospect. Someone who knows baseball, and yet is willing to listen to people who are intelligent enough to provide insight into other aspects of the game that are rarely looked at by old timers.