Monday, January 28, 2008

Jones+ for Bedard?

According to Geoff Baker over at The Times, the deal is almost done. The wisdom of this deal depends on your point of view, but as I have said since I started this blog, I want to see the entire deal (including any follow on deals) before I make up my mind. Either way, at least something appears to finally be happening.

Edit: Or not. Lots of conflicting reports today - not sure whether the deal will actually go down or not. I am starting to think that I would rather see the 2008 M's compete with Bedard rather than Jones et al - give me a shot at winning now rather than a couple of years down the road. They weren't that far out of the hunt last year - and the addition of Silva and Bedard will certainly improve the biggest problem from the 2007 campaign.


Larry said...

Welcome back, glad to be thinking baseball again. Big news today about the Santana Signing by the Mets. If I were the M's I would pull back my offer and see minimally what could get this deal done. I agree about winning now, but I'm not sure there's enough to overtake the Angels, or those others competing for the W/C. I think Bavasi needs to play hardball with the O's now. Even the Yanks weren't willing to give up the farm for Santana.
Again, welcome back. Here's hoping for an exciting and competitive year and hopefully a playoff slot. At least something to keep me interested for the entire season instead of "Waiting till next year" halfway through the season.


Terrence O'Leary aka Iron Tech said...

Hey Larry - good to be back!! And we are down to 2 weeks before pitchers and catchers report - music to my ears!!

Well this Bedard/Jones+ thing gets stranger every day. I think you are right - the M's may be getting their pocket picked by Baltimore when you consider what the Mets are sending to the Twins for Santana. But the deal isn't done yet - perhaps we will come out okay. And I am pretty sure that a 1/2 combo of Bedard and Felix will make the M's serious contenders in the West.

Let's play ball!! :)