Friday, April 25, 2008

Another One For The L Column

I was going to write a post two days ago concerning the lack of offense - Blogger wouldn't take it - and then Geoff Baker stole my thunder the following day! The joys of blogging. In any event, last night's game was a stinker. No way the M's should lose that game. I'm not blaming the pitching staff - the offense just didn't get the job done when they needed to. I don't think any one hitter is going to solve this problem - all of the guys who aren't hitting their weight need to get themselves together and start playing good baseball. Okay, rant over.

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Larry said...

Let's face it, this lineup/bench is not made to score tons of runs, and there's not many on this team that can deliver in the clutch. Ichiro is starting off incredibly slow, Vidro is a non entity, in fact he's coming off the bench now, where Norton should be providing that clutch hit in the 9th. (which we could have used several times this year) Cairo doesn't exist and is just taking up a roster spot as is Wilkerson. I say dump them all, bring up Ballentin, sign Bonds for the remainder of the year, and put an additional arm in the bullpen. Willie belongs on the bench, not starting in right. Ballentin is hitting in AAA, and can't be that much of a defensive liability that Wilkerson was not.
I'm feeling sorry for Clement and wouldn't be surprised if they try him at another position now that Kenji is onboard for another 3 years. They need Clement's bat in the lineup. Management is not going to manufacture runs with this current team, so lets make changes.