Monday, April 14, 2008

Another Series Win

Despite all the gloom and doom that seems to be dominating the blogosphere this morning, the M's won another series over the weekend. And although the injury report is not making me feel real good - there doesn't appear to be anything yet that is season ending. I'm getting a bit concerned about Bedard, but so far nothing major. So in general I am okay with the club. Go M's!!

Edit: This interesting factoid from The Times:

"When Ichiro grounded into a double play Saturday, it was just the 35th time he had done so in his career in 18,805 plate appearances. But the interesting statistic was this: It marked the first time he had ever recorded a 3-6-1 (first to shortstop to pitcher) DP."


Larry said...

Think the Old boy is losing a step? I'm a little concerned with the injuries also, but feel confident that the injury bug will leave the team eventually and all will be well in the emerald city. What is the prognosis on Morse? Vidro's still not hitting his weight. Looks like Kenji is starting to feel it again, we'll probably see him the 6 hole again. We definitely don't want to see Adrian go on the IR with the tender hammy. He's having a great first half thus far, especially for a guy who is notorious for slow starts. Lots of questions still to be answered, but let's get folks healthy and then worry about the lack of pitching/ hitting. Good win tonight, they should be beating guys like the O's, the Royals, and the Rays. But how about those Tigers???



Terrence O'Leary aka Iron Tech said...

Morse is on the 15 day DL - dislocated left shoulder. Have not seen anything in print but would be surprised if he's back that soon.