Friday, April 11, 2008

Road Trip Blues

I think it's fair to say that a week ago, most people were expecting better than a 2-5 roadtrip. Especially going into Baltimore and Tampa/St. Pete. Guess that's why they play the games. :)

And although the situation is not particularly encouraging at the moment, I also think that it may be a bit premature for much wailing and gnashing of teeth. For all the bad results, the M's have only been a good break or two away from winning most of the games that they have played. Having said that, I think the homestand beginning today is critical. Go M's!!


Larry said...

Though once again, I didn't see the game, Felix wasn't terrible, and I am anxiously awaiting the big break out game (no hitter preferably). Rauuuul crushed the ball last night, I think maybe when they face weaver again, they should just let Raul bat 1-9. Vidro's still suckin, Richie at least is getting some walks when he's not swinging at bad pitches and Wilkerson thus far is a bust, but again it's early. Maybe his run scoring hit last night will make something snap and he'll be on his way. If not, Ballentin is waiting in the wings. We could always DH Raul and put WFB in right and see what he does with 300 AB's. Can't be worse than what we're getting from Vidro. Though WFB will not hit the gaps or an occasional dinger. LOWE looked good last night though!


Larry said...

Sorry, that should have been WFB in Left!