Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Two Observations

Awesome game down in Tampa yesterday - actually got to see the last couple innings when I got home. Two things that I wanted to comment on:

1. RRS is amazing.

2. Adrian Beltre plays the game with style. Full points to AB for selling that play at 3rd. Replay indicated that the play was a bit closer than the umpire thought, but AB definitely got the team out of a jam with his heads-up play. Well done!

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Larry said...

I've read raves about RRS and his performance last night, thought I didn't get to see the game. Saw Beltre's play at 3rd, again, you pegged it. Read Bakers blog this morning and tend to agree that Wilkerson and Vidro have got to improve drastically for this whole thing to work. The question is, does Mclaren have the cajones to DFA them or sit them on the bench, (which is really not that much better). Barry is still out there waiting to play!!!! Next few weeks could be crucial to the rest of the season.