Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mariners = Padres?

Saw this interesting piece by Scott Miller this morning that got me thinking about the disturbing similarities between the Padres and Mariners this season. It would seem that they share more than just the Peoria Sports Complex. One must also wonder why we haven't seen any stories about a "livid" Bill Bavasi. I'm just saying.

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Larry said...

I would agree with your sentiments and those of S. Miller, though I think the M's Bullpen is not horrendous though not quite as good as in years past. I think they made the right move with bringing up Jeremy Reed, but putting him on the bench does not good, they need his speed and glove in the outfield either right or left. Raul would look good in the DH Spot, and Vidro needs a fork stuck in him. Though Reed may not be the answer, I think he deserves a chance. The team has come a long way from the plodding outfield corners announced at the beginning of the year. And after seeing tonights games results, (7 runs against Washburn in the 3rd.)The bullpen shut the Tigers down after the 3rd though. 7 runs are pretty tough to come back from. They're not too far from putting a quality product on the field, I'm not sure though whether McLaren can take advantage of that or not. His management has not convinced me yet! Maybe it's just Seattle, cause Bob Melvin is doing good in Arizona.