Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Sad Day

I'm sad today. My team lost a heartbreaking game last night, and I don't really care. My team is falling so far behind the division leaders that they don't have a very realistic chance of getting back into the race, and I don't really care. It's a shame that it's come to this. I used to love baseball. After the last 5 years, I'm not so sure anymore. And that's sad.

By the way, Geoff Baker has a nice entry on his blog today - definitely worth a read. If you weren't sad before reading this post, you will be after you are finished.

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Larry said...

I'm sure it's tough, being in a clubhouse that's fragmented, it's amazing how it relates so closely to being aboard ship in the Navy. When everyone is on the same page, things go smoothly, but when they aren't, they go downhill rapidly. Usually professional demeanor overcomes stuff like this though I've never accused a major league athlete of being professional. I know how easy it is to point the finger, and this is where a vocal clubhouse leader comes into play, someone everyone respects. Too bad there's not one on this team. Since the postseason is not in reach anymore, maybe building some cohesion with the players that will be there for the next 3 years might be a good idea right now for management. Is it just me, or was there a correlation between winning and Lou's fiery managerial style and losing and McLarens laid back style. Maybe not!