Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Whither Now?

It's pretty clear to me that, short of some miraculous occurrence, the Mariners have played themselves into a position of non-competitiveness - or as Larry Stone said last year, removed any "Playoff relevancy" that they may once have had. So if this is indeed a 100 loss club, one wonders whether or not sweeping change is inevitable. As has been mentioned elsewhere, said change may come to pass once the revenue stream begins to dry up. I don't want to speak for the average fan, but this average fan has mostly lost interest. I haven't watched a game in more than a week. And I probably won't watch any games until the level of play improves significantly.

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Larry said...

Well, being never one to let a good post pass, I must comment. Until they get rid of the current FO, I don't see any significant change coming. The sad part is, I know they know more about baseball than I do, yet with all this knowledge, they continually fail to put a quality product on the field. Who to blame though, the players for lack of enthusiasm or talent, or the coaching for failing to recognize a pathetic line-up and a worse bench (making WFB look darn good), or the FO. I'm sure they all have a little of the blame to place on their shoulders. Though I look at a team like Detroit that seems particularly inept right now, as do the Yankees. The FO can't play the games, and neither can the coaches though those games lost in the late innings because of an anemic bench can only be the fault of the Coaches and the FO. I'm perplexed by the current state of affairs, and can only hope that someone with some baseball savvy can make this team better.