Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Losing My Faith As A Baseball Fan

Mercifully for all of us who follow the Mariners, the debacle that was 2008 is over. This season has certainly been a disappointing one for me on many levels – but the most stinging disappointment has come in the form of losing my faith as a baseball fan.

I’ve been a baseball fan for many years (I’m well north of 50) and this is the first Summer that I can remember where I was totally and completely disinterested in the game. Mariner games used to be front and center on TV at my house. We always went to at least 2 games in Seattle every season. Not this year. I didn’t see a game on TV since early June. We did not make a trip to Safeco this year. And I didn’t miss it. At all. And that is sad. I feel like I have lost a dear friend. And in many ways I have.

What will happen next year? I really don’t know. I suppose that some killer moves over the Winter might entice me back. But I don’t think it is a certainty. The future of the blog is an uncertainty as well. I feel bad that I have not written more this year. We’ll see what happens in the Spring – when hope springs eternal!