Thursday, June 10, 2010

Forget About October

Another game in the L column. It's pretty clear that 2010 is a lost year as far as making the Playoffs are concerned. So rather than bemoan our fate any longer, let's start talking about what can be done, both now and in the future, in order to make the Mariners competitive in 2011.

One of the most immediate improvements that the ballclub can make is getting rid of Ian Snell. After getting torched in Arlington last night, I don't think there's any question that there is no place for him on the club anymore. Let's look at the stats:

G  GS   IP   H    R   E  HR BB SO   W   L    P/GS   WHIP   BAA  ERA
11  8 44.1 57 32  29   9   23   23    0   5   78.5    1.80   .308     5.89

Yep. It's time to end this experiment Jack Z. - this guy is broken and you aren't going to fix him.  Don't give him another start.  The team is immediately improved without Ian Snell.  Granted, there are lots of things wrong with this team - but hey, you have to start somewhere.  And it might as well be Snell - especially after that display of suckitude last night.

Next time - some thoughts on the absent offense.

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