Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Please Show Me I'm Wrong

The Mariners are not a good baseball team - certainly not a playoff caliber team. Too many problems with this team - lack of offense - lack of consistency from the bullpen - well, you get the idea. Having said all that, I really want to be wrong about this team. After all, they are the home town nine. I'm pretty sure that I'm not wrong, but nothing would delight me more than for these guys to show me that I am.

Cliff Lee is awesome! Interesting tidbit from Geoff Baker's column today - Lee is only the 3rd M's pitcher to turn in a CG in Arlington (lefties Randy Johnson and John Halama are the other two). I'm really conflicted watching Lee pitch these days. He's so good and it's such fun watching him make Major League hitters look silly. But it's also sad because there's a good chance that he won't be here after the trade deadline.

The good news is that the M's won't be swept this series!

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