Monday, June 07, 2010

Waiting For 2011

I find it rather ironic that the Mariners completely fell apart in the series with the Angels this past weekend. After acquitting themselves in a very respectable fashion against the Twins, it's not unfair to say that the wheels came off completely at Safeco Field during the last three games. And now the Mariners head off for a 4 game series in Arlington. I've got to tell you that I'm not going to be at all surprised if they get swept by the Rangers.

That's why I'm waiting for 2011. I'm really hoping that next year's campaign will get off to a much better start. Hopefully there will be no distractions like Junior or 6-4-3. And by distractions I mean guys that are DH'ing who can't hit (sorry Junior - you know I hold you in the highest regard - but it really was time for you to hang them up at the end of last season). I hope there's a way to sign Cliff Lee - but as the M's fall further behind in the division I'm not very hopeful. Even so, Fister and Vargas give me hope for the starting rotation next year - along with the King. The bullpen is going to need a little work.

2010 - you can't go away soon enough. 2011 - hurry up!!!

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