Tuesday, July 13, 2010

First Half Review

Well that sucked!

To say that the 2010 campaign has been a disappointment to date would be a gross understatement.  I was certainly optimistic when the Mariners opened the season - too bad things didn't turn out quite the way that any of us were hoping for.  A few quick thoughts about what has happened:
  • Sometimes taking a chance on the low risk/high reward guys doesn't pan out.  Can't blame Z for trying.
  • Cliff Lee is awesome.  It was a pleasure to watch him pitch while wearing a Mariner uniform.
  • Ichiro! is awesome.  I hope he never retires!
  • Will Justin Smoak be the next Mark Teixeira?
  • Junior, please come back to Seattle before the season ends so we can say goodbye.
Enjoy the All Star Game tonight.  The M's get started with the second half in Anaheim - let's hope that they can at least play respectable ball for the rest of the season.

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