Monday, July 26, 2010

The Inmates ARE Running The Asylum

I was shocked that Figgins was in the starting lineup the day after he quite publicly challenged the authority of his manager.  And after making a clearly boneheaded play.  But I guess it's not surprising since Jose Lopez was allowed to slide after such a serious brain fart.  No accountability whatsoever.  Check out Ryan Divish's take on it here.


Tracy, said...

Regarding the article by Ryan Diviah "4. Is more being made of this than probably should be?"

Win and we don't care about the molehills in the team. Lose and lose through veterans playing crappy and you give permission for everyone to pick apart every little thing. Don't like it? Then WIN.

Tracy, said...

Take a look at Jim Moore's column today. Normally I ignore what the Cougar has to say (unless it is about dogs) but he seems even more upset about Figgins than I am!

Really GoTo guy, a roundhouse?

Terrence O'Leary said...

Off to check the link - thanks! :)

Terrence O'Leary said...

Good piece - I'm mostly in agreement with him. Brock blogged that there is really no incentive for baseball players because their contracts are guaranteed - hence Figgins appears to feel like he can get away with anything (and he did!!!). Oh well, after that drubbing in Chicago yestderday I'm not sure if things can get any worse. Pretty sure that RRS is done after that performance. :(