Friday, July 23, 2010


Point of view is a funny thing.  Doesn't seem that long ago that it seemed like the sky was the limit for the 2010 Seatlle Mariners.  Jack had just completed deals for Figgins and Lee, Junior was back for a final tour with the club, etc.  But then the reality of the season began to unfold.  Pretty soon that old familiar sinking feeling (can you say 2008?) began to pervade my baseball watching experience.  It's all in the point of view.

I will say one thing about the game last night.  Although the M's were unable to seal the deal, the bottom of the  9th was one of the most enjoyable half innings of baseball that I can remember.  Never mind the inability to score that run in the bottom of the 12th - the bottom of the 9th was awesome.  And I guess that it all comes down to one's point of view.


Tracy, said...

I am more a baseball fan than I am a Mariners fan... With a lonng 162-game season, I can generally handle a loss. What I cannot handle is piss-poor play which is what the Mariners are showing here as the 2nd half starts. There is no excuse for the base-running follies we have born witness to. Nor the ridiculous bad swings in 3-0 and 3-1 counts. This is basic baseball and anyone can have a bad day, but a professional learns from his mistakes AND from his teammates mistakes. Instead this team seems to treat mistakes as contagious.

Am I calling out Wak? I don't know... I hope not, cuz' I like the guy. I guess I want to see more of him pulling whiffing players out of the game. Maybe suspend a couple. It insults the greatest game to play it lazy... and fundamentals falling to the wayside among multiple players usually indicates a coaching problem.

Point the next : Ok, so we're giving up on aiming high and beleiving big for the year now. Ok. I get that. Show me the youngsters and don't you DARE bench Smoak even for a day. I want him out You want to give him a day off, make him the DH, but he plays.

AND time to end the experiment and put Figgins where he has had success... 3rd. I swear, the Ms have been dying for a serviceable 3rd baseman for decades, (yes Beltre was a great defensive 3rd, I would have kept him if he would agree to an incentive laden contract - big $ only if he played in X games.) they get one and decide to move him. WTF?

I don't pretend to understand why, but moving most high-level baseball players seems to really hitch their giddyup. Whatever, put him back where he is comfortable. If you are shopping Lopez you've done that enough now, the interested teams can get the tapes. Let's set Figgins skull back on right well before off-season so we don't have to in Spring. We've wasted enough time.

Terrence O'Leary said...

True dat!! :)