Monday, August 30, 2010

Why Not Throw Your Best Pitch?

Jeff Sullivan takes a look at Luke French over at Lookout Landing - the analysis shows that French's best pitch (slider) isn't being used this year.  As Jeff said:  "It's interesting that French and Brandon League joined the organization with one standout weapon that they now seldom throw."

Good question - why isn't the coaching staff after these guys to throw their best pitch?  Why do I still care?

Monday, August 23, 2010

On To Boston

After taking Friday's opener, the Mariners took a thorough drubbing at the hands of the Yanks over the weekend.  I didn't see much of the series, but I did happen to see that marvelous acting job by Jorge Posada yestererday with that non-tag of Death to Flying Things as he scored.  Ouch.  But when you have a club as bad as ours, it should come as no surprise that the breaks seldom go their way.

Geoff Baker has posted a cogent analysis of what's gone wrong with the Mariners over the last 8 years or so - and the challenges that face Jack Z. moving forward.  After reading this piece I'm beginning to think that it may be time to start thinking about doing something with Chone Figgins - the team clearly doesn't need 2 lead off hitters next season.  And you know Ichiro! isn't going anywhere.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

King Felix - Cy Young Contender?

Here is Geoff Baker's take on why King Felix should be considered a favorite for the AL Cy Young award.  I'm with Geoff on this one - if Felix was pitching for a team that had ANY kind of decent offense, there would be no question that he was deserving of the award.  Don't penalize the guy for have the misfortune to be on a team with a bunch of shitty hitters.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Whither Go The Mariners?

Put me down as one of those guys that don't think a baseball team's manager has very much impact on the W-L record.

Since the firing of Don Wakamatsu, there's been thousands of words written about the bad hand that he was dealt.  There's been discussion of his poor in-game decisions, his inability to maintain good order and discipline in the clubhouse and his lack of results where they count the most - another year without a playoff appearance.  That last point is the only one that really gets my attention - no playoffs, again!  I think that we fans need to remind the organization from time to time that making the playoffs is what this exercise is all about - with winning the World Series as the ultimate goal.

So in the end I really don't care who the Mariners hire for their next manager.  Bring in Bobby V. - keep Daren Brown - no worries - it's all good.  What is much more important to me is that the G.M. refocus and keep building a winning ballclub.  There are some great young players in the system (and fortunately most of the old broken down former good players are gone) - keep building for that playoff run.  Looks to me like 2012 may be the next real shot that this club has to contend - let's hope that 2011 is a better year than 2010.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Geoff Baker Talks About The Wakamatsu Firing

A fairly long read from Geoff Baker over at The Times concerning yesterday's firing of Don Wakamatsu by the Mariners.  Worth the time - I think there's some very interesting stuff there.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Wak Still Manager and Bedard Done (Again)

Larry Stone over at The Times had an interesting piece yesterday concerning some comments made by Jack Zduriencik on the Wak-Figgy confrontation.  It's a good read - Jack Z. is the master of equivocation.  And tacked on at the end of the piece was this little tidbit:

• Left-handed pitcher Erik Bedard will undergo shoulder surgery Friday, the Mariners announced. It will be the third straight season in which Bedard's season has ended with shoulder surgery. The operation will be performed by Edward Khalfayan, the Mariners' team physician, assisted by Lewis Yocum, the Angels' orthopedist.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Beginning Of The End

As the Mariners return home from a dismal road trip, one gets the feeling that something has to give.  There's no way the club can continue to play such awful baseball without repercussions.  Not sure what those repercussions may be, but I'm fairly certain that there are going to be some.  There has been a lot of speculation in print that Wak's days as manager may be numbered.  I don't think the firing the manager will have any effect (sort of like firing the hitting coach earlier in the season hasn't improved the club's offense).  We'll see over the next few weeks.

Two links for you.  Over at Lookout Landing, Jeff Sullivan writes about the swap of AAA catchers.  Over at The Times, the incomparable Larry Stone says the Mariners need to stave off irrelevance.  I think it's too late Larry.   :(