Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Beginning Of The End

As the Mariners return home from a dismal road trip, one gets the feeling that something has to give.  There's no way the club can continue to play such awful baseball without repercussions.  Not sure what those repercussions may be, but I'm fairly certain that there are going to be some.  There has been a lot of speculation in print that Wak's days as manager may be numbered.  I don't think the firing the manager will have any effect (sort of like firing the hitting coach earlier in the season hasn't improved the club's offense).  We'll see over the next few weeks.

Two links for you.  Over at Lookout Landing, Jeff Sullivan writes about the swap of AAA catchers.  Over at The Times, the incomparable Larry Stone says the Mariners need to stave off irrelevance.  I think it's too late Larry.   :(

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