Monday, August 23, 2010

On To Boston

After taking Friday's opener, the Mariners took a thorough drubbing at the hands of the Yanks over the weekend.  I didn't see much of the series, but I did happen to see that marvelous acting job by Jorge Posada yestererday with that non-tag of Death to Flying Things as he scored.  Ouch.  But when you have a club as bad as ours, it should come as no surprise that the breaks seldom go their way.

Geoff Baker has posted a cogent analysis of what's gone wrong with the Mariners over the last 8 years or so - and the challenges that face Jack Z. moving forward.  After reading this piece I'm beginning to think that it may be time to start thinking about doing something with Chone Figgins - the team clearly doesn't need 2 lead off hitters next season.  And you know Ichiro! isn't going anywhere.

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