Friday, August 13, 2010

Whither Go The Mariners?

Put me down as one of those guys that don't think a baseball team's manager has very much impact on the W-L record.

Since the firing of Don Wakamatsu, there's been thousands of words written about the bad hand that he was dealt.  There's been discussion of his poor in-game decisions, his inability to maintain good order and discipline in the clubhouse and his lack of results where they count the most - another year without a playoff appearance.  That last point is the only one that really gets my attention - no playoffs, again!  I think that we fans need to remind the organization from time to time that making the playoffs is what this exercise is all about - with winning the World Series as the ultimate goal.

So in the end I really don't care who the Mariners hire for their next manager.  Bring in Bobby V. - keep Daren Brown - no worries - it's all good.  What is much more important to me is that the G.M. refocus and keep building a winning ballclub.  There are some great young players in the system (and fortunately most of the old broken down former good players are gone) - keep building for that playoff run.  Looks to me like 2012 may be the next real shot that this club has to contend - let's hope that 2011 is a better year than 2010.

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