Thursday, October 28, 2010

THAT'S Why They Play The Games

I have a long commute - 2 hours each way - that consists of a bus ride, a ferry ride and a 15 minute walk.  Last night, with Game One of the World Series underway, I was looking forward to getting home and catching at least half of the game on TV.  Our usual dinner routine is to sit down when I get there and eat while watching Cash Cab.  We did just that - pork chops and green beans - excellent!!  Saw a few people score on the Video Bonus - and a few get the dreaded "you're out" strike 3.

Once dinner was finished and kitchen cleanup was underway, I flipped the channel to the game just to see how things were going.  I'm a big believer in not getting caught up in small sample size mania, but I saw all I needed to see of that game in less than 2 minutes.  You see, it was the bottom of the fifth - Giants had 2 runners on - 2 outs - Lee was out - O'Day was in - Uribe was digging in - O'Day threw a pretty flat slider and the broadcast crew started talking about it.  You know the rest - O'Day comes back with the slider - Uribe launches a rather majestic fly ball into the black San Francisco night - and now it's 8-2 Giants and I've seen all I want to see.

I'm sure the Rangers will come back and make a game of it today - but that is indeed why they play the games!

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