Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Hot Stove League Update 11/9

Here's a long article from Geoff Baker over at the Times that talks about the balancing act that the Mariners will have to try and pull off in 2011.

I'm really seriously wondering if it may be time for the club to start thinking about making Safeco Field play a little more fairly for RH hitters.  The ballpark has ruthlessly suppressed RH hitters.  Makes one wonder if A-Rod going to Texas wasn't only about the money.  I'm sure Adrian Beltre would tell you that he is happy that he played a bunch of games in Fenway Park last season.  If nothing changes with regard to the dimensions, then the club is going to have to get very aggressive about finding LH batters to play here in Seattle.  What do you think?

Update: Jeff Sullivan contributes this bit of Ichiro! worship - simply awesome!

Further update:  Congrats to Ichiro! and Guti for winning Gold Gloves.  Boo to Derek Jeter! 

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