Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2010 - A Season Review

I've been thinking about what exactly I wanted to say concerning the 2010 Seattle Mariners.  And perhaps surprisingly, I don't have much.
  • Thankful for Ichiro! and the way that he has stayed in Seattle.  It's probably not a stretch to say that there aren't many players who would have stuck with the team as long as he has (can you say A-Rod?).
  • It was a pleasure to watch Felix and Cliff Lee pitch in 2010.
  • Everything else is bad - so rather than unleash a rant, here's Geoff Baker of the Times with a nice recap of the season and a very cogent analysis of the Griffey situation.  
Probably the last post of 2010 - let's hope that 2011 brings us all something to cheer about!

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