Monday, December 13, 2010

End Of The Rob Johnson Era In Seattle

Word is out that the Mariners have designated Rob Johnson for assignment.

Update:  Traded to San Diego  :-)

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Tracy, said...

Sorry answering this post so late... I was too busy dancing in the streets at the end of the RJ era in Seattle.

Of course now watch him with the Padres break the record for most innings without a passed ball, and he'll suddenly hit .380 with power numbers in the >500 zone.

As a guy, I really truly like Rob Johnson, seriously I do. He never shifted blame, never went on any idiot rants ala' Figgins, and to my knowledge never flipped off fans. But I really like "The Hyphen" too... and he probably needs to go be productive somewhere else as well.

I liked it better when OffSeason meant getting all excited about maybe THIS is the year! YEAHHHHHH! I don't feel that way now though.... more like, "can we just have a winning record? Can we just maybe score some runs?" Maybe it will feel better once the Canadian Honkers are heading north again.

~ Tracy