Monday, February 14, 2011

Spring Training!

Let the 2011 campaign begin!  Pitchers and catchers reported yesterday.  It's raining in Seattle today.  Egypt is free (well sort of - guess the hyperbole got out of control).  Here's Shannon Drayer's first update from Peoria.  To say that I am happy that Spring Training has begun would be a massive understatement!

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Tracy, said...

I envy you, then. I love baseball. I love loving baseball. Sadly, I cannot get the slightest amount of excitement or even my usual winter LONGING for the games to start again... for the Mariners. I caught myself checking on my other teams the other day, what transactions had happened off-season, what injuries.. and so on... and I still have not done that for my Ms.

All the off-season news (bar Cy Young for Felix!) has served to bum me out more than anything. Figgens & Milton staying? Hogwash. Stacey Keech is the new Skipper... who? Olivo returns. Oh and Bedard threw from a mound in Peoria! A MOUND!!! whoopie. I did my job today too and didn't send anyone a press release about it. And he was only practicing his job.

I miss Neihaus, too. 2011's season sucks for me already. I miss living and dying by my Mariners.

Tell y'all what... I'll get pumped up for the season when I hear Wedge has put Figgins or Bradley in a time-out, or otherwise let them both know that on this ship anyone caught tossing anchors overboard while everyone else is rowing will NOT be tolerated. And this is followed by Mr. Z backing his Skipper. Then I'll be closer to getting this sick lump out of my stomach.