Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Will They Hit?

I've been putting off writing this post for a week now, but Larry Stone wrote what I have been thinking about, so here we go.  Will the Mariners actually produce any offense this season?  The early indicators give the impression that the 2011 season is going to look a lot like the 2010 season.  Beating Oakland 1-0 on 3 hits is probably not going to get the job done in the regular season.  Wedge and Z. talk about being aggressive and manufacturing runs, but there is only so much the manager can do from the dugout. Ultimately the players have to swing the bat and have a few balls drop in - and I'm not very confident that they will be able to do that based on what they have showed so far.  It's still early.  I'm trying not to let the last few bad seasons color my interpretation of results so far - but it's getting harder each day to keep from slipping into that familiar feeling. Will they hit?  Time will tell.

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