Saturday, October 26, 2013

Why I Am Pissed At The Seattle Mariners

I'll get around to telling you why I'm pissed at the Seattle Mariners - but first a bit of background.

I moved to the Seattle area in the Fall of 1994.  I was still in the Navy, and had been stationed in the Bay Area for the previous 7 years.  I was a big fan of the Giants and A's - those teams in the late 80's and early 90's were remarkable.  Remember how the Giants won 103 in 1993 and didn't even make the playoffs?  Remember the Bash Bros?  We even attended what turned out to be the last game of the 1994 season at the Coliseum, which happened to be against the Seattle Mariners.  Randy Johnson pitched a stellar game, but I digress.  So it was shortly after that when I found out that I was being transferred to the Seattle area - just in time for the magical season in 1995.

So what a treat to move to a new city and have the baseball team have such an incredible run.  I was hooked.  In the following years, there were a few more playoff appearances, and then the 2001 season.  Since then, things have been going downhill.  During the 2013 season, I did not attend a game at Safeco Field.  I might have watched 2 or 3 games on TV.  In short, the Mariners have worn down the fan in me - and I'm not optimistic that anything will improve anytime soon.  I do hope that the franchise gets things turned around sooner rather than later.  But I'm pissed that they have destroyed the baseball fan in me.

Update:  Guess I'm not the only one - see this post over at USS Mariner by the illustrious DMZ.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

2013 Season Over

Well another disappointing season for the Seattle Mariners is in the books.  This one had a rather bizarre plot twist at the end - Eric Wedge quits and then calls out the GM as a liar.  Still no hitting, along with poor defense and a mostly ineffective bullpen are the highlights of another "rebuilding" season.  I find myself in agreement with many who have said that the only way this club will ever get turned around is if they are sold to a local ownership group.  It should be interesting to see what Jack Z. and his handlers have to say about the season - and what their plan is moving forward.